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Soft Comfort Neck Support Pillow

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Pillows made with Cassia obtusifolia L have a subtle grassy fragrance and their seeds provide a tough, acupuncture massage for the head and neck. These pillows have been shown to have auxiliary effects on dizziness, insomnia, cerebral arteriosclerosis, and cervical spondylosis.

The pillows also feature breathable nets with magnets distributed throughout for magnetic therapy and to massage the neck.

The cervical pressure release function of these pillows can help to improve blood circulation, relieve neck pain, fatigue, and stress, and improve sleep. The pillows have a natural and authentic touch and are made with eco-friendly, natural, and healthy raw materials for warmth, breathability, and durability. 


  • Filling: Ecological Flower and Plant Pillow, semen cassia
  • Material: Polyester / Cotton
  • Use: Body, Bedding
  • Thread Count: 200TC
  • Part: Body
  • Pattern Type: Floral, Solid, Print, Striped
  • Fabric Count: 20
  • Grade: Quality
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Use: Bedding