Sleep Therapy Natural Sounds Machine
Sleep Therapy Natural Sounds Machine

Sleep Therapy Natural Sounds Machine

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Soothing Sounds White Noise Sound Machine: Mesqool White Noise machine is built with soothing natural sounds that we selected, divided into eight categories, White Noise, Fan, Ocean, Birds Chirping, Water Stream, Summer Night, Thunder & Rain, and Forest. Each sound is Non-Looping and High Fidelity. This relaxing noise machine is perfect for blocking out distractions, allowing you to sleep, meditate, focus, or just relax. Sleep Therapy Sound Machines can also help babies have a deep, restful sleep.

Auto-Off Timer & Memory Function: The Portable Sleep Machine can work continuously at night, or you can set a timer (15mins/30mins/60mins Optional). Another feature of this white noise sleeping machine is its memory function, it can save the sound and timer you previously selected, jump back into your routine with no need to reset, and Soothe you to fall asleep sweet in the white noise without closing the noise machine by yourself. A very convenient sound machine for office privacy & noise canceling.

AC Adapter or Battery Operated White Noise Machine: This sleep-easy noise sound machine is very convenient to power. You don't have to worry about having an extra socket or carrying an extra power adapter, you can put the noise machine for sleeping adults wherever you want. Use 3AA batteries(not included) to operate this noise machine for your trip, business trip, or vacation. AC adapter power supply (included). The sound machine for sleeping says to set different volumes, 0-100% (0-99db).


  • Use for: sound relaxation/sleeping help
  • Type: Other
  • Sample: 1-2 days
  • Packing: Color box
  • Material: ABS
  • Keywords: natural soothing sound machine
  • Instrument classification: Class III