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Calming Relaxing Pillow Mist

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Our Ultimate Bedtime Pillow Spray is a calming and relaxing mist that is infused with the soothing scents of lavender, bergamot, sandalwood, lemon balm, and chamomile essential oils. Designed to help you unwind and relax at bedtime, this pillow spray is made from natural ingredients and has been developed to promote a deep sense of relaxation and a restful night's sleep.

To use, simply spray the mist into the air, around your body, and onto your pillow and bed linen. A good night's rest is crucial for overall happiness and revitalized beauty, as it allows our skin cells to rejuvenate, repair, and remove harmful toxins.

Our 20ml pack is practical to carry around and lasts a long time, making it easy to incorporate into your bedtime routine. Get ready for a blissful night's sleep with our Ultimate Bedtime Pillow Spray.


    • Number of Pieces: One Unit
    • Essential Oil Type: Compound Essential Oil
    • Item Type: Essential Oil
    • Item Type: Sleep Spray
    • Quality Inspection: Qualified